Case Studies

Cheney School

Cheney School is a secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in Headington, Oxford, England.


The problem

The boiler were condemned in 2018 basically saying that they were beyond repair and it would cost 800k to fit the new boilers and pipe work to get the heating up and running, the school couldn’t afford thai and after failing with the CIF bid grant they had to install temporary electrical heaters that cost a small fortune to run.


The solution

Temporary electrical heating that was was very expensive, then asked Uniheat to carry out a thorough examination of the heating system in Chadwick building, after carrying out various tests it was agreed to flush the system through with chemical and determine whether it was worth to invest money on a isolation valve and try and get the system up and running. Once all the tests were completed and the isolation valve fitted the pipes were flushed through and the system was fired up and working properly, we decided to ask Uniheat to monitor the boilers, Firstly on a monthly basis and then every 6 weeks so that if there were any defects or discolouring this could be rectified straight away.


The benefits/savings

The school saved 796k on the works 800k-4k and reduced the heating costs considerably by removing the electric heaters and using the Chadwick gas heating system, with the savings the school has been able to focus on other project such as the CIF funding Grants and were awarded both Grants the year after 2021/22 for a total of 1.4 Million resulting in double glazed windows being fitted in Chadwick building replacing the single glazed frames and new Roof’s across the whole of the Wainwright building , this has given the whole school a nice facelift and has again reduced energy usage with the new Roofs and Window reducing the energy consumption within these areas.


A quote from the happy customer

Fantastic service throughout, I just wish we had Uniheat originally as our contractors, with the heating system up and working this has enabled the school to work on other projects with the savings from this works and heating costs, also the recommendations to oversee the boilers for the first few months to ensure they remained operational was a thoroughly great service – Thanks Uniheat!

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